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Friday, April 2, 2010


Hey There,

It's Raiser Erin again. I know I just posted, but I have some names I'd like, though I probably won't get any of them.

1. Red (I listen to this podcast. It's called Decoder Ring Theatre and one of their radio dramas is The Red Panda. I think it would be so cool to have a puppy named Red so I could call him Red Panda. I was really hoping for a "B" puppy named Baxter because my favourite character is Kit Baxter.)

2. Rupert (I am in love with Rupert Grint. No really, this isn't infatuation. It's love)

3. Regale (Atrus is the father of another puppy in my group named Royalty. It would be so funny if his name was something "regale" as well.)

4. Rowan (that's my favourite kind of tree)

5. Ricky ("I Love Lucy" is my favourite show)

6. Ricardo (again "I Love Lucy)

7. Rarwiwi (This is a Maori and I've always thought that if I can't have Rupert Grint I'd like to marry a Maori man)

8. Rangi (Also Maori)

9. Reginold (A lot of my friends like this one)

10. Ridgecrest (We're actually picking up another pup, well two but only one for Ridgecrest. And the one that's going to Ridgecrest is one of my puppy's littermates)

11. Roo (He was my favourite character on "Winnie the Pooh")

12. Rohan (I love, love, love the "Lord of the Rings" books and movies...more so the books)

13. Rex (Meaning "King" in Latin it fits with the royal names)

14. Roman (I took Latin for two years)

15. Random (I just think it sounds cool)

16. River (I love all things water based.)

17. Rally (I hope if this is his name that he'll be high in energy unlike all the other male GDB dogs who are such lumps!)

Please feel free to post any other names you can think of. If one of you guesses right then you'll win...well you'll win the satisfaction that you guessed a Guide Dog Puppy's name. No mean feat let me tell you. I am now standing on two out of nine. Those being my own puppy Freya (yes I actually guessed and hoped for that one) and Kendrick.

Oh, let me just stop you at the get go. It cannot be Romeo. There is already a guide in training out there with that name and Guide Dogs does not reuse the name of any working Guide or puppy in training. I know, I was disappointed too.


  1. It has to be Rohan. I'm perfectly serious when I say that I'll cry if it isn't. This is Fiona by the way. XD

  2. I'm pretty sure it isn't Rohan. Belle's breeder castodian Nancy Schopp went up to drop off her "E" litter and said she didn't see the name on my list. :( Start crying.

  3. My day has been ruined!!


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