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Friday, April 9, 2010

No Sleep Tonight

I don't think I'm going to get any sleep tonight. I'm just too excited. I promise to try and post something for all of you devoted readers I know are out there before we leave tomorrow. But I really didn't do the things I should have done today. I watched "Julie and Julia" tonight when I should have been folding clothes or vacuuming. I was trying to take my mind off of things. You see today I skipped school (I know shame on me) to take three of my animals to the vet. I didn't take Lucy mostly because she really isn't my cat, but also because she hates me. I think she hates me because I was the one who brought two dogs and cats into her previously only child life. So it was me, Arwen, Mia, and Sylvester. Mia didn't have an appointment but if you know Mia you know that getting her into a cage was such an accomplishment that I deserved to try to see if the vet would see her today. They did and everything was going smoothly. That is until the results for the feline luekemia tests came back. Mia's came back negative, but Sylvester's were positive. I found out later this afternoon that's he's just a carrier of the virus and isn't sick at all. He may never get sick, but he's still able to pass it on to other cats. So, he might have to go live with my mother because I don't want Mia or Lucy to get it an get sick. And with my mom he could be an indoor cat so he wouldn't do any harm to other cats. He can't really be an indoor cat here.

Anyway, after all the medication was delivered (Sylvester also has an infection from a snag on his tail so I had to give him antibiotics and I missed some of Arwen's Multi for dogs so she had heartworm pills just in case and some joint pills since her now 8 year old body is getting old) I realized that I really hadn't done much with my room today. But it looks good. Not that it didn't before, butit looks organized. Not that I'm not organized, no I've VERY organized. But I'm a , dare I say it, a packrat. So a few more papers thrown away and I'm ready for sleep. Again, I'll try to post before we leave, but we're leaving at 7am and I have a dog to walk and pills to give and some pink bubble gum smelling liquid to squirt into a cat's mouth before I leave. It might be a stretch.


Good night all!
Raiser Erin

(Oh, Ragtime...I think that's awfully cute!)

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