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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Phases: Phase 4

Phase 4:

Obedience and Distraction Training: Continued development of collar and praise responses. Progression is to the extent where minimal repeat commands or leash cues are necessary. The instructor begins to handle the dog as a visually impaired person would.

Difficult distractions (intensity of) continue.

Body Work and handling Responses continue.

Guidework Training: Dogs should be comfortable wearing the harness by now. Those dogs that are not are a concern, but are still kept in specialized programs to improve the behavior.

Pattern Training Progression: The instructors are now allowing the dog more freedom to make decisions and to make some mistakes. When errors occur the instructor will show the dog the correct answer before they get confused. Basic level guidework responses are being directed to the dog as a blind handler would.
Progression with guidework should be to where the dog can maintain a straight line of travel when the instructor is blindfolded and respond to each command consistently with minimal leash gestures or cues. The focus is on developing the working pace and pull that will be the final pace and pull.
Responsibility lead lessons for each dog occurs at the end of the pattern training. Responsibility in work responses is gradually increased and tested. The dog is now learning to pull more responsibly and consistently into the harness chest piece on command and maintain a straight line of travel while moving.

Physical Agility Programs Continue.

Obstacle Course Progression: Dogs are now guiding in harness through clearance course with obstacles still being leash cues, if necessary, to move in the desired was a finished guide would. The course design is more difficult usually requiring more angled clearance moves by the dog. Clearances requiring a stop are now introduced.

CWTs continue to focus on kennel enrichment, grooming, campus walks, and community run time.

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