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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Phases: Phase 8

Phase 8:

Obedience and Distraction Training:
It continues as normal with new handlers in various environments.

Guidework Training:
Advanced Harness training in a variety of areas including sidewalk less routes.
Sidewalk less technique Introduction: Dogs are taught to maintain the travel line on the extreme left of roadways (facing traffic) with no sidewalk or reasonable shoulder. How to work around obstacles and immediately return to the left of the road. Specialized training on the right edge begins in preparation for those who live in with those challenges.
Platform Edge Exposure Work: Learning to avoid the drop-off of subway and rail platforms.
Light Rail, Subway systems introduced and exposure
Overhead Obstacle Clearance Training: continues as normal.
Escalator Training: The dog learns how to safely step onto moving escalators and get into a safe stance, ride the escalator in that stance without moving until time to anticipate exiting safely with energy. (As puppy raisers we are not allowed to take our puppies in training on an escalator. This is the first time that the dog will be introduced to the escalator.)
Intensive Indoor Mall and Store Work Techniques: The dogs learns to work at a slower pace for indoor work if appropriate. They work in crowded aisles, on escalators and elevators, on multiple stairways, on various colours and textures of slick, shiny floors. They learn patience work in shopping situations. And they are worked around intensive food distraction situations (food courts).

Vet Meeting-Review of Health
Each dogs health history to date is reviewed by the staff vet. Viability for care by a visually impaired addressed. Health drop decisions are made fore some dogs and other dogs are given time lines for improvement. Other medical procedures and testings.

Leash relieving exposure on cement is introduced.

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