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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The First Night

Last night was not as bad as I thought it would be. I knew he was a whinner and screamer since all the way down from GDB he and his brother Rocky screamed and whinned when they were in the crates. But, after a mere 25 or 30 minutes of screaming in his crate he settled down and went to sleep and stayed that way the whole night. He didn't wake up to go potty, no accidents in the crate, he didn't even wake up and just start screaming. Nope. All night!

But he is a rather vocal puppy. He whines. He screams. Usually when I'm out of the room to, you know, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, or get a glass of water. Some times he'll just sit down and whine. He's quite the funny puppy. I'll give it another week before I don't think his screaming is cute anymore. Hopefully he's just confused by his new surroundings and will calm down in a few days. And if not, well, I'll just send him back to the puppy farm.

Ok, I couldn't do that to him? Could you?

I took him with me to church today. I'm not really a religious person, but I like going with the dogs because it's a good experience and it's fun to see how many people realize that it's a different dog. Most people noticed this time seeing as he is much smaller (though still huge fore his age) than all of the dogs I have taken. He did so well! He only whinned once or twice and even then it was small. He went of to communion with me and didn't try to grab the minister's robes, and he only tried to climb into my lab twice. :D

He may be a loud puppy, but he's really grown on me. And he learns fast. He already knows "Quiet" and "QUIET" and "Rocco! for the love of all that is good and green! Quiet!"

Wishing you all a restful night tonight.

~Raiser Erin.

Sibling List: Here are Rocco's siblings

Regina, Romy, Rheann, and Rocky.


  1. He sounds like a handful alright. I hope he works out. He looks like a cutie.
    P.S. Before you publish, use the spell checker. Then double check by reading it all again yourself (don't trust the spell check).
    See ya.

  2. You know what Officer X, i write these very very fast and sometimes my brain doesn't keep up with my fingers. So there, :P

    Haha, I'll be sure to do that next time.


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