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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Sister for Little Yellow

Hey All,

Raiser Erin here. I spoke to my leader today (she's going to be co-raising this puppy with me) and she said she got in touch with Peach's raiser. Peach as you all may remember is the mother of my new little guy. She said that Peach was fun, cuddly, playful, and has wonderful house manners. I hope all of these traits have been passed on to Little Yellow. Peach's raiser is also raising one of her puppies. She got one of the females. Her name is Romey (I believe that's how it's spelled, it could be Roamy). I think that's really cute. So, if any of you were thinking of Romey for my pup, that's not it. Apparently, Romey is huge too. This is all very exciting for me. My nickname for Freya was "Shortbread" because she was so small...well short. She was stocky and buff. So not really small, but she was a tiny lab. I don't know how I'll look with a big dog. :)

Mary thought of another name that I think would be cute. Riddle. I really like it!

Happy Tails!

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