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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Puppy Class

So I got Rocco back from Mary this afternoon at his first puppy class. He did very well! He went up the stairs and down the stairs with no real problems. He was a little nervous at the open stairs, but that's normal for little guys. So we decided to wait for a little longer until we have him tackle those. He loved it all. I could barely keep up! And I walk really fast! He's such a happy little boy!

I love having him back. I even missed the whinning. Though I am glad that he has stopped doing that as much. He's definitely calming down a lot. I suppose he's going to get all used to out routine. Being passed between me and Mary must be hard for the poor, little guy.

Weel, I haven't been home since this morning so I should probably get going on some of that homework stuff that they're still making me do.

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