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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Phases: Phase 10

Phase 10: This is where Freya is now.

Obedience and Distraction training: The dog should maintain a consistent response in different environments. With new handlers.

Advanced Guidework Training and Testing
Advanced Guidework Routes
"Finishing Routes"

Notable Accomplishments:
Final Obedience Testing: While the instructor is under blindfold, an extensive obedience test is given to each dog. All dogs must pass their final obedience test to qualify to take their final blindfold guidework test.
Final Building Test: The instructor will be under blindfold. Each dog is tested on escalators, elevators, stairs and store work through a food court area.
Final Blindfold Testing: Blindfold test on urban streets and sidewalk route of 40 to 50 minutes in a challenging work area. Obedience exercises are required to be demonstrated while on route. Dogs passing are deemed "Class Ready Guides". Class ready Guides are fully prepared for matching with students.

Vet Meeting-Review of any and all Health Concerns:
A pre-class vet physical is done and an accurate height on the dog is recorded.

Final Class Preparations:
New collars - sizing and assignment
New Harnesses prepared

Continue Leash relieving on cement surfaces

Dormitory Exposure (There are dormitories on campus for students to live in while they are in class with their future Guide Dog)

Socialization Training:
All specialized programs for socializing would be complete for the dog to be at the "Class Ready Guide" status.

The dog has extra relaxing walks, kennel enrichment and play sessions.

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