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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Rough Night

Those of you who have been reading my "Accident Count" you will notice that my little guy has been having some trouble with peeing and pooping in the house. I can't really be mad at him because it's so out of his normal self. We figure he's been having a little tummy and bladder trouble. Well, that couldn't be more apparent after last night. Here's how my night went.

I wouldn't let Rocco more than three feet away from me and I took him out every 30 minutes. At 5:00 I fed him dinner as normal. He's on a bland diet right now because he's been having a little diarrhea. The bland diet consists of 1/3 cottege cheese and 2/3 white rice topped with warm water. Tasty right? Well, after dinner everything was going well. He didn't have another accident and his poop (we talk a lot about poop at GDB) wasn't loose! Yipee! Right? That meant that I could start adding food to his diet this morning and soon he would be off cottege cheese and rice. Well, at 9:00 I put him to bed as always and he did fine. Absolutely no whinning! I went to bed and didn't get to sleep for quite a while. The last I looked at my clock it was 10:15. At 11:45 I was woken by an awful sound. If any of you have heard a puppy wretching up bial, that was the sound. I look over in his kennel and my poor baby had indeed just thrown up some lovely white looking foam. I thought, "No big deal! When puppies are sick like he's been they sometimes throw up some bial. And it is kind of hot in here." So I get up and go to the kitchen to get paper towels. When I get back and let him out of the kennel I notice that it wasn't just bial. there was a giant glob of rice and cottege cheese at the edge and little chunks all over the walls. UGH! I HATE cottege cheese. Ask me about it sometime. Anyway, I pet him as I was cleaning up the vomit. It took me about 20 minutes and a lot of 409 and paper towels to finish. I sat there with him for another 3 minutes to make sure he was alright and then took him out to pee. When I stuck him back in the crate (there was a pencil eraser in the vomit! I don't know how he got it! Like I said, he wasn't more than 3 feet away from me all day. So I couldn't just tie him down on a tie-down on his bed. I was too scared he would heat something.) he started to whine. I told him "quiet" and he kept going. No screaming, just whinning. I was in bed for a good 5 minutes before I decided to get up and go to the living room for the long dragline. I attatched it to him and collar corrected him until he stopped whinning. When he did and I finally got to sleep it was around 12:15-12:30. More restless sleep then at 2:45 I was woken by whines. I collar corrected Rocco and he stopped. I knew that meant he could wait till morning. So I went back to sleep...only it took me till 3:15 and the sleep was restless...again. My alarm went off at 4:00 so I could walk my pet dog Arwen. I told myself "4 more minutes" and hit the "snooze button". Only it wasn't the snooze button it was the off button. I slept till 5:45, didn't have time to walk Arwen, shower before Mary got here, or work on homework I probably should have done the night before.

Long story short, I got maybe 3 hours of restless sleep and only walked 2 miles today. I usually walk 4 and do some yoga. Not today my friends, not today.

Poor baby.

On the plus side, he did wonderful when I took him out on the lake in the canoe.

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