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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Phases: Phase 6

Phase 6:

Obedience and Distraction Training:
There should be continued development and consistent responses to both formal and informal exercises.
The difficulty (intensity of) distractions continue. New animals and common dog interest distractions sough out and the dog's responses are evaluated. Dogs are worked on individually for specific things that really distract them. (I'm sure Freya received some special attention with her thing for birds.) New handlers are introduced and the dog's development is monitored.

Body Handling:
New handlers are added. Any problems that are still present are of great concern for the success of the dog as a guide.

Guidework Training:
Routes continue in suburban areas and progress to downtown suburban areas.
The instructors focus on improving any weaknesses the dog had that was noted at preliminary blindfold testing.

Socilization Training;
Individual dogs are identified for specialized socialization programs.

Advanced Harness Training Begins.

Obstacle Course Progression-Intelligent Disobedience Training Begins:
Advanced clearance problems are first introduced to the dog on campus in the obstacle course and then sought out on real environment routes. Situations are set up to introduce disobeying the handler for the sake of safety (intelligent disobedience).

Socialization Training Continues.

CWTs continue to focus of kennel enrichment, relaxing time, community run time, grooming, and campus walks.

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