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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Phases: Phase 7

Phase 7:

Obedience and Distraction Training:
Continued development and consistent responses in various environments. Formal and Informal exercises and during guidework. The dogs are also with new handlers.

Advanced Guidework Training:
Suburban and downtown areas with challenging environments.
Notable Accomplishment-Traffic Conditioning: The dog is introduced to traffic safety problems and is shown how to deal with them. The dog learns to "stop", "Hold line" while stopped and to "back up" when a vehicle gets too close.
Notable Accomplishment- Formal Traffic Training: Dogs are taught responsibility when making emergency decisions in traffic conditions. Dogs learn to decide when to "stop", "Hold line", "Back up", and "scoot forward" on the travel line for the safety of the team. The dog learns to maintain position, face the vehicle, and to proceed when the danger has passed.
Total Barricade Training: Dogs are trained to inform the handler of objects totally blocking the travel path and then to work safely around them.
Overhead Obstacle Clearance Training: And overhead clearance is any obstacle that is over the dog's head. The dog is taught to look up and look out for this type of clearance.
Advanced Work and routes: New work areas are introduced to the dog. Difficult crossings, clearances, line problems, animal distractions, surface issues, curb approach challenges, and pedestrian islands. Places include Large Cities, City Traffic Patterns, Corded Sidewalks, Different Pedestrian climate, Large Government and business building work, and Very heavy and close traffic.

Pre Matching with Blind Applicants:
Dogs are identified for individual applicants with special needs and requirements in a guide dog.

Socialization Training continues. CWTs still continue on everything as before.

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