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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arwen's Post

Hi everyone! This is my first post on my sister Erin's blog. I don't know why since I help raise these puppies just as much as she does. This is me.

I am an 8-year-old, female, golden retriever. I love to run and play but mostly I love spending time with my people. My new puppy is Rocco. My job while the puppy is with us is to tire the thing out. I do that really well with Rocco, not so much with Freya. She was a little too rough for me. I'm not a dominant dog and Freya definitely was. But Rocco is fun to play with. He listens to me when I tell him I've had enough and I can actually win at tug with him. My other job is to teach them how to behave in the house. I know that while we are in the house we aren't suppose to rough house. So when the new puppy tries I tell them "No!" before Erin even has a chance.

I'm going to post from time to time. I'll talk to you guys later!


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