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Monday, May 24, 2010

First Day of School

No, today wasn't my first day of school. It was in fact Rocco's first day of school. Normally I'm not allowed to bring my Guide Dog puppies because "there is no education value in having a dog in the class" and "the parents would find it wrong!" But, every elective session I sort of go behind my Principal's back and bring them anyway. You see my school works differently. We don't have electives throughout the year so we sandwich two week blocks of electives between Winter and Spring semesters. And even though I am technically a graduate I still have to go for the next two weeks. I do the play every time and my director loves my puppies. So, I bring them. Rocco did amazing. He slept for the first 3 hour session and for most of the second 3 hour session. He was such a gem. And there was little clapping. But it didn't really bother him. He sat up, but that's about it. The whole cast loved him.

We are in the black box this week so it was the perfect place for sleep.

Here he is at lunch time in the union. My school's on a college campus, so yes, we have a union.

Then back to the black box for more sleep.

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