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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Class and 16 Weeks

Hey everyone! This is Raiser Erin yet again.

Today is the day the new class gets their dogs. This past Saturday there was a Graduation up at GDB is San Rafael. This means that the new class got to GDB this past Monday and today is Dog Day! This is the day when the people are matched with their dogs. Will Freya be a part of this class? I won't know until probably Friday or maybe even Monday of next week. I'm dying to know! If she's not in the new class she could be in the retrain class that gets in next Monday. The retrain class is only 2 weeks for people who have had a Guide Dog before. Could she be in that class? Oh the suspense is killing me. If I don't hear anything by next Friday she probably isn't going to graduate this month, but you never know. Just look at what happened to Pierre. He got pulled into this last class about 3 days before graduation. Any thing's possible I suppose. I'm still probably going to go crazy! :)

Today is also the day Rocco gets his last round of shots. He is 16 weeks old today. Times goes by so fast...it seems like just yesterday that we picked up the whinny boy from GDB. I wish time would stop right now so that he could be a puppy forever. But, on the plus side, after a week from today I won't have to worry when I take him out. Right now I'm a nervous wreck whenever we go on an outing because I'm afraid he'll contract something awful. :)

I can't believe I might be seeing Freya in two and a half weeks...or possibly five weeks, but still...it's coming up fast.


  1. Yea for the last of the puppy shots! It's so much fun to start taking the puppies in public. :)

  2. We'll keep our fingers crossed for Freya, the wait is killer! YAY for the last set of shots, it is a total breath of relief when they are finally "legal."


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