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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Phone Call

Hey all! I'm really excited! When you get your letter from Guide Dogs it tells you that you are allowed to call your puppy's new partner in the last three days before Graduation. That would be today. I was allowed to call between 7-9 pm. And would you look at that! It's 8:00! That means that, yes, I have already called Freya's new partner. I asked him and he was ok with me posting a bit from our conversation. Here's how the first part of our conversation went...

Me: "Hi! This is Erin (my last name). Freya's puppy raiser.
Partner: "Oh, yes, hi."
Me: "Is this (Freya's partner's name)"
Partner: "Yes it is."

I went on to say more stupid things in my "put my foot in my mouth" way. This may shock some of you, but I'm really shy. I make friends easy, but only after I've told myself a million times to not be nervous and that the worst someone can do to me is be mean. So when I talk to a new person I get really nervous. And when I get nervous I tend to talk really fast, say things that could have sounded better if I had said it some other way, and sometimes I hyperventilate.

So, after the awkward introductions were made we really got to talking. You all know that Freya's going to be living in Huntsville, Alabama. Well, her partner works for the army as an assistant inspector. I think Freya's going to have a lot of fun travelling all over with him. I was so hoping that she would go to someone who was always on the go and it sounds that he's pretty active. Freya is his first Guide Dog. He started to go blind in 2001 and was officially "legally blind" in September 2008. He still has partial vision though. I think this is pretty cool because Freya was born in October 2008. Does anyone else believe that she could have been born for him? I think so.

Since he works for the army he's going to be travelling a lot. When they get home (it's kind of weird to think that her home is now different than mine) they're only going to be there for a week before they go off to Texas. Then they're off for Pennsylvania. I'm so glad that she's going to get to go so many different places.

I have say that I really liked him. He was so nice and he seems to really like Freya. As you all know this worried me a bit. I was worried that she might be too much dog for anyone she was paired with, but he seems to understand her. That's wonderful...I'm just so glad that he likes her. He said that she sleeps on her bed right next to his and every morning when he wakes up she's watching him. When he opens his eyes she starts to wag her tail. :) When she bonds with someone she bonds for life. I don't really know how to explain it, but she's got a special person. A special person who wants to keep in touch and send me pictures. :D


  1. So excited for you!! I called. I got voice mail. I left a message. I got teary while leaving my message. I always get voice mail when I do the pre-graduation call. I always get teary when leaving a message. I always feel stupid. Hoping to hear from her.

  2. That is so great that Freya's partner wants to stay in touch and send pictures! Sounds like Guide Dogs has made a perfect match. Congratulations and enjoy graduation!

  3. Phone calls are the best, SEGDI lets us get one too!
    Sounds like it went well, bet you can't wait for graduation now!

    Congrats on getting the ticker up :)

    Rudy's Raiser


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