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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Letter...(dramatic music)

So guys...I got the letter today. I know, I know...we all thought it would never happen, but it did. Let me tell you the story. Today is a final day at my school for 1st and 2nd periods only. Now I don't have a 1st period and my 2nd period was a college class and I already took that final, so I didn't have to go to school today. Yipee! I took the time to keep my mind off the letter and went everywhere with Rocco because he's legal now! We went to get my camera fixed (turns out it'll be cheaper to buy a new one), get my grad robes fixed, and to various stores and graduation singing practice. I had checked the mail before we left the house at 11:35. No mail yet. So I didn't much worry about it until we got home at 1:45. After I had a little something to eat and Rocco had collapsed on his bed with a look that dared me to make him move again I rushed out the door to the mailbox. I put the key in the slot and began to turn...and low and behold there was mail!!!!! I shoveled the mail out, possibly ripping a few of my dad and step mom's wedding reception invite returns, and as if by magic the letter from GDB landed right on top. My heart was beating in my throat now and I was sure that I was going stop breathing. I threw all the mail on the formal dining room table and just stared at it for a while. Then I decided to open the Netflix movies first to see which ones had come. Then I gingerly picked up The Letter and walked back to my room. I looked at Rocco and he looked at me...then I ripped it open! As I gained control of my breathing I read

"Dear Don(my dad and Freya's co-raiser) and Erin,
Congratulations! It is our pleasure to notify you that Freya is graduating as a Guide Dog to:"

This was it. I was about to find out to whom and to where my baby girl is going. I'm not going to tell you the man's name (yes, she's going to a man just as I always thought she would) but I will tell you where she's going. She'll be living in...


I know, that's really far, but I liked Alabama when I went through it and she's already used to the heat. Not so much the humidity, but definitely the heat. She's also going to be living in an apartment. That's right, she's going to be an apartment dog.

I can call her partner next Wednesday between 7 and 9 pm. Oh...the waiting continues.

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