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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ok, so it hasn't quite sunken in yet. I still can't believe that Freya is graduating today and that she's going to Alabama. That's so far away. I know I wouldn't be here to visit her anyway come September (I'm going to Scotland for college), but I still would have liked to visit her when I came home for the holidays. It's too weird to think that the little ball of energy actually made it as a real Guide. It's also hard to imagine her in a harness. I used to say to her "Real Guide Dog Freya! Don't distract the real Guide Dog!" whenever we happened to cross paths with a real working Guide. She was very dog distracted and it took all her will to not leap across to play with the dog in the harness. I really can't say that anymore because she is the real working Guide in the harness. I remember the first time I took her to church (I'm not very religious, but I realized she had never been in a church. She had gone to Buddhist meetings with my mom and step-dad, but never to a church. I figured there was more of a chance of her going to a Christian than a Buddhist so I took her when she was over a year old) there was a real Guide Dog. Napoleon and his partner came in late and sat down in their normal place which happened to be right behind us. Freya immediately turned around to look at the new comer. For a while the two of them starred at each other. I'm sure both were thinking "Hey, what are you doing here!?" It was pretty funny. It's hard for me to think that she's going to be that dog now.


  1. That's how I felt about Fuller, I just couldn't imagine him in harness, but seeing it for real is the most amazing thing ever! Freya will look fantastic. Congrats again, and I can't wait to hear all about it!!

  2. Hi Erin, Cabana and I were at the graduation today. Your speech was really great--it was funny yet poignant. Congratulations!

  3. Oh thanks! I figured that if I made people laugh it would keep me from crying. :)


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