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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The "I Miss You" Post

With graduation only a few days away I began to think about all the things I miss about Freya. Freya was a wonderful puppy and I love her so much! I'm so very proud of her. There were quite a few odd and unusual things about her that I absolutely adored. I don't have a lot of pictures of these, but I'll try to describe them the best I can. These are some, definitely not all, of the things I miss about Freya.

1) Her awkward bow legs. Seriously, she was so bow legged it was hilarious. When she ran she looked a bit like a crippled penguin! :D One time she was running in the backyard when she hurt her foot. When my CFR came to have a look at her she wouldn't gate. In fact, she couldn't gate because her legs were just too bow legged. We were so worried that she was going to be dropped for some weird health problem, but apparently all of her littermates had slightly bow legs too. She just got the worst pair.

2)Her smile. She had a great smile. All you had to do was say her name and she would give you a big old grin.

3) Her eyes. A lot of black labs have dark brown eyes and you can barely see them. Freya had really light brown eyes and they would just melt your heart. They were so expressive and had a lot of love in them. I love them!

4) The way she would always be ready to play. She loved to play. She would play hard and long and always found a way to keep me playing. She could play tug with her rope toy all day if she were allowed. I loved that she was always ready to play with me.

5) How she was happy to work. She would get so excited when she saw me get out her jacket. No matter if she was on a flat leash or in a halti she enjoyed going out so much. Generally she was in her halti, but that didn't make a difference to her. She was going out somewhere and that's all she cared about.

6) Her "I Don't Give a Crap" attitude. This sounds weird, but she did things her way. She knew what she had to do and by the end she would take direction and command from me, but it was so rare that I had to do it. She knew exactly what she was suppose to do and what she needed to do and she didn't care what other people thought.

7) Her fearless nature. Nothing could phase that dog. A car passed right by her when she was just 10 weeks old and she just kept on walking. The first time she went up stairs she didn't walk up them she flew down them. Then she ran down the stairs. She conquered grates and different feeling floors right away.

8) The fact that she was so smart. Really, if she had opposible thumbs I'm pretty sure she could drive my car for me. And I drive a manual transmition. She learned easy and quick.

9) Her tongue. It was so long and it was always moving. She would lick anything that would move in front of her. In was tough going to teach her not to lick everyone that crossed her path and eventually I just gave up because that was just her nature. I'm hoping her new partner doesn't mind.

10) Her cuddliness. She would curl up with me on the floor and watch movies with me. Her favourite thing to watch was Spongebob Squarepants. But she always liked things like "Marley and Me" and "PS I Love You." I really miss my cuddle buddy. Rocco cuddles with me, but it's different. I love him and his cuddling, but Freya was so much like me.

These are just a few of the things that I miss about Freya. I'm really looking forward to seeing her this Saturday. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Tomorrow I can call her new partner (I'll ask him if I can use his first name), then Thursday Rocco and I get ready to leave, then on Friday we leave! We're staying overnight in San Rafael with my friend Lilly. I can't wait! Really, I'm dying to meet her partner and see her again.


  1. How sweet!
    I can send you some different ticker (count down/up) sites if you want - email me at guidedogawareness@yahoo.com
    I can "try" to help you set one up if you still want,

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. Oh, yes. I keep forgetting. I'm such a scatter brain! :)


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