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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elmer Update

Well, we're just getting good news right and left about Belle's "E" litter! Eli is on the road to recovery and I've just heard some great news about Elmer. Elmer is the one, if you remember, who has the liver shunt. He's due to go into surgery next week at Davis. YAY! We all hope it's successful. Right now he's staying with the same foster family who watched Faulding while GDB found a permanent home for him. Faulding was Freya's brother who was Career Changed about 10 weeks old. He had some eye troubles and some liver troubles that were fixed up, but GDB decided that he had too many problems at the get go. We'd probably have all five "F" litter puppies in formal training right now if they had waited to see if he was Guide material. Oh well. He's living the life of luxury as a pet to a vet assistant in...San Diego I believe. Hopefully Elmer will find the perfect home for him very soon.

Good luck Elmer!

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