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Friday, May 14, 2010

Funniest Thing Ever

This just happened a few minutes ago and I think it's hilarious. I had to go to the bathroom so I checked to make sure that Rocco was behaving himself. When I realized he was sleeping I thought it would be fine for me to leave the citronella remote in my room. As I was in the bathroom I heard the door to my room creaking open. My first thought was Mia was opening my door and letting herself onto my bed. No problem. Then I heard Rocco shaking right next to the bathroom door. Shoot! I forgot to put him on the tie down. So I quickly washed my hands and called for Rocco. He didn't come which is weird because he likes to be right next to me. I rounded the hall corner and realized that he was sitting patiently between the living room and the formal dining room. Just staring at me. That's where he'll sit when waiting for his food and I'm in another room. I called him again and he went the other way so I followed him. He was sitting right in front of his food bowl just staring at it. I didn't give him breakfast this morning because he had a bad tummy last night and this morning. He was obviously telling me that he did not appreciate the way he was being treated.

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