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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rocco's Weekend of Firsts

As most of you know this weekend was mother's day. Rocco and I went to visit my mother, his grandmother, for this very special occasion. While there Rocco experienced a whole bunch of firsts.For some reason all of the puppies I have brought to my mom's love her yoga mat.

This is my mom and Rocco. It was early in the morning so she told him to hide her face.

He had his first night walk. He wasn't scared of the dark at all!

He also went to his first movie. I must say I was quite nervous about this because he is a little noise distracted...sometimes noise shy. But I didn't want to leave him in his crate at the apartment because he's still working on the no whining thing and I didn't want to get my mom and step dad in trouble with their super. So I figured that we were going to see Babies and it was suppose to be a low key movie. I need not have worried. He slept through most of the film and the parts he didn't he watched the screen. Seriously guys it a great movie and I laughed through the entire thing. It's funny how similar babies and puppies are.

You can't really see him, but he's there at the movies.

He also went down a very long, very open flight of stairs without stopping once. He was scared to go down stairs right from the beginning. He can do up, but down has been a little iffie. But the only way up to the movie theatre and back down was a long flight of stairs. He mastered those stairs!

Rocco also found his first very odd fear. He was scared of the first landing at my mother's apartment. No the second and not the very long stair leading up to her front door. No. The first landing that was about 7 ft off the ground. I tried to get him to come by saying "let's go" and patting the ground but that took a long time. So I finally thought, "This is ridiculous boy! This is the only way to and from the bathroom!" so I dragged him across the landing and made him circle around it many times. He finally thought it was ok, but still! What an odd thing to be scared of.

He had his first accident while on an outing. He gave me my first mother's day present by not barking or whining once for his food or while being in his kennel. And he went to his first Gardens. We went to Desconso Gardens. He loves flowers!

Here we are taking a break.

Rocco giving me a kiss.

My mother, puppy, and me. I'm the redhead. My mom and puppy are the blondes.

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