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Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12: What's In a Name-Freya

I stole this idea from Maddie. I really like the idea because, as most of you know, GDB takes a lot of liberties in what they name their puppies. I have been fortunate enough to get two great names, but there are some real weird names out there. (before I really get into this I encourage you all to head over to my College Blog for a good laugh)

For those of you who don't know how the naming system at GDB works here is a crash course. Each litter that is born recieves a "Litter Letter" (try saying that 10 times fast) and each puppy's name begins with this letter. For Freya her litter was an "F" litter and Rocco was an "R" litter. You get the idea? GDB also does NOT reuse names that are "active". An "active" name is, basically, one that is in use. This means that it is the name of a Working Guide or a Puppy in Training. Once a dog is Retired or Career Changed from the program the name goes back into cirrculation. For those of you who read Mimi and Cabana's blog you know that Cabana was CC'd. That names is currently being used again for a PIT but it would not had happened if Cabana was a Guide or still a PIT. Understand? Good! Let's get on with it then!

(so for I have only found one other GDB dog with the name of Freya. She was a black lab female as well and was CC'd quite a while back)

Full Name: Freya Louise (yes I gave her the middle name Louise because they sound good together so whenever she did something naughty I called her "Freya Louise")
Meaning: 1)From Norse mythology "Freyja". Freyja is the Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fetility, Gold, Witchcraft, Love, and Death. She rules over the heavenly afterlife field Folkvangr and recieves half of the souls of people lost in battle.
2)Also from Scandinavian meaning "Nobelwoman"
Nicknames: Frey, Frey-Frey, Rey, Missy (but this is unique for my Freya, it's not a nickname for the name Freya)

Fun Fact: I guessed the name Freya. I was going through some awful names you could get with the letter "F" and then thought "Freya, it has to be Freya." and Freya is what I got. You see I thought Freya was a cute name for a little girl and was thinking at the time "If I ever have a daughter I'm gonna name her Freya." So...I love the name.

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  1. Instead of Freya Louise, I prefer a name that reflects my sense of humor....Tina Freya, after a very funny lady that I like to watch on 30 Rock.


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