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Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20: 10 Things at 10 Months

Hey Bloggers! Did you miss me? I missed posted for this long. I've had so much fun doing all my Guide Dog Puppy training these past two months away from Momma. Today is my 10 Month Day. Yep! I'm 10 months old today. How cool is that!? Everyone keeps telling me how much I've grown and that I'm a handsome boy. It's embarrassing really. Momma especially says that I've gotten big and that I should stop growing. I can't help it though. I just wake up in the morning and I'm bigger. Here are my 10 things at 10 months.

My 10 Best Traits and Commands: (though my new mom says that I'm amazing at everything)
1. I'm told that I'm great at the "sit" command.
2. I'm absolutely fantastic at doing my "down". Hey, any excuse to lie down right?
3. I always "do my business" when I'm told to and I haven't had an accident.
4. New Mom says that my "wait" is great!
5. I do really, really well when my people go out to eat at a restaurant (even though I'm never invited to join in at the table and eat).
6. I still love people.
7. I've been told that I have the most handsome face ever. I'm not sure if that's true because my brother Rocky is also a very handsome dog.
8. I've been told I'm a sweetie, but I'm still a tough guy. I'm not sissy.
9. Nothing phases me. I'm perfectly fine sleeping at work even though my people work at a diesel truck centre.
10. I don't chew on peoples' shoes. Not that I ever did. But, I feel that this will be important for me when I go on to my future career of a Guide Dog.

My 10 things I need to work on:
1. Keeping my tongue in my mouth. I've been trying, but I just like to taste things.
2. I've gone back to being a little noisy in my crate and I need to start being more quiet. The crate is just so boring! But I know that I have to be quiet.
3. I need to come every time I'm called. I hear people saying that I'm going through my "teenage phase" which means even though I had the best recall Momma and Mother Mary had seen in a baby, I've started to rebel. Hey! I mean, why should I come every time I'm called anyway?
4. New Mom says I have to be more calm. I'm just an energetic boy...but I'm trying.
5. I'm told that I'm not suppose to eat bark and branches, but I live in the country! There's just so many different types of trees to taste. Sometimes I can't help myself.
6. I'm working on my dog distractions while I'm out walking and working. I just want to play and sometimes I forget that I have to be focused.
7. My loose leash walking. I'm pulling a little too much, but I'm just eager to work and please. I know I need to go at the pace of my person, but I forget sometimes.
8. I have to be not so distracted when John drives the ATV.
9. I get a little too rough when playing with my doggie friends and have to be reminded sometimes to play nice.
10. Stop bothering the flies. I've been told this many times, Momma even took a video of me trying to catch a fly and I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed. They're just so...annoying.

My 10 favourite things ever:
1. Playing with my doggie brother Toledo who is a Career Change. He made it all the way to class before his CC, so he shows me the ropes and tells me how to behave. But he's also a great playmate.
2. I love swimming with Toledo. Swimming in the pool is the most fun thing ever!
3. I chew on the bone that Momma left with me all the time.
4. Licking (but as I said before I'm learning when it's appropriate and when it's too much)
5. Running. Oh Running around with my doggie brothers and sisters is so much fun.
6. Puppy Meetings! I love going out the work and it's even more fun when you get to go out and work with your friends. Especially when one of those is your brother.
7. Food. Hey, I'm a lab and a teenage boy.
8. Sleeping. Again, I'm a teenage boy so I love me some sleep.
9. Working. I really do love to work. I just love to please my people.
10. Snuggling. I still like to snuggle with people and dogs.

That's pretty much all from me right now. I'm doing very well in my training and I'm having loads of fun! I do miss Momma though. But! New Mom told me she's coming home for Christmas and that I get to spend her break with her!!!! I'm very excited. Momma says that she's gonna take me to meet Santa Clause when she's here. She told me that if I was a very good puppy Santa would bring me a toy for Christmas so I've been trying to be on my best behavior at all times. I hope Santa over looks the very few times I wasn't on my best. I'm hear my big half-sister went off yesterday for her Breeder evals. I wish her the very best of luck. I also heard that my friend Winston is in phase 8 and is just waiting for a person to come along! I know there's a graduation today so maybe we'll hear from GDB about Winston soon. I hope so.

Puppy Kisses,

A few more 10 Month photos of me

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  1. Hey Rocco, Tell Toledo hi from me. Toledo was in the same class that my person and I were in. I think Toledo got a bad deal. I always thought that Toledo was a little angel because his person was always saying "Holy Toledo". And then one day his person said, "Holy Toledo get me out of this da#* street!" Well they obviously got out of the street, so what's the problem?


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