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Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26: Attention!

Attention all CCI Puppy Raisers! And other service dog raisers I suppose...anyway. I need a little bit of help.

My Grandfather is getting on in years and is having trouble doing things around the house such as bending down to open cabinets and close them and grab things off the floor and all that stuff. He's also in need of a companion in the big house in which he lives all alone. My question to ALL of you who raise service dogs is if he qualifies with your organization. I know of CCI, but I know there are other organizations out there that help the elderly get around. So, if you are a part of that organization or know of another I would really appreciate an email telling about your organization and what would qualify a person for a dog from your organization and what your experience is with it and all that jazz. Possibly a link to your organizations website. Email me at dramaqueenEEA92@gmail.com

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Thing I can't wait for about Rocco #5: His sad eyes. You look into them and you see an old soul come back to help a person in need.

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