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Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29: So Close

So even with my small miss, I feel that I have accomplished something. I posted (almost) every day for a whole month and I'm hoping that someone new stopped by and got interested in raising Service Animals. It's a wonderful, wonderful job even if I don't get paid for it.

A few things:

I'm probably going to see Rocco sooner than I thought because I'm going home sooner than I thought. I haven't talked with Rocco's new raiser about it yet, but if she's willing to give him up sooner, I'm willing to take him sooner. :)

This morning in my Oral Gaelic class my teacher said that there was a contest to name a Guide Dog and she won by naming the dog "Suilean" which means "eyes" in Gaelic. Cool huh?

I have something pretty cool to tell you guys, but I'm gonna wait until tomorrow on the last day of November. For now...

Thing I can't wait about Rocco #7: The way he runs around the yard trying to get Arwen to play with him. Maybe if Rosie is big enough she'll be able to play with him. :)

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