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Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14: What's in a Name-Rocco

Another installment of "What's in a Name" (again stolen by Maddie with PIT Jorinda and CC Betsy). In today's informative and exciting post we will be looking in depth at the name "Rocco."

Now, I have found a number of interesting explanations of the name "Rocco." All of them made me laugh a little because none of them really describe Rocco at all. But, that doesn't matter, there was hope when he was named. :) Without further adieu...


(I don't think I ever posted this picture, but over Fun Day Rocco dicided to get into the shower with me and got water Freckles for his troubles)

Full Name: Rocco de Angelo
Meaning: from the Italian meaning "rock" or from the Germanic meaning "roar" or "battle cry" or the hrok meaning of "rest and repose"
Nicknames: Roc, the Boy (this is another nickname that is individual to my Rocco. It is not a valid nickname of the name) There aren't a lot of Nicknames so I generally call him Roc, Rocco, or Rocco de Angelo

Fun Fact: When I first heard that I was getting an "R" name I immediately thought of the name "RED" because of my favourite superhero the Red Panda. I was listening to an episode (it's a Canadian radio show) of Decoder Ring Theatre's other show Black Jack Justice and the name Rocco de Angelo popped up. It didn't even register at the time that Rocco was an "R" name, but as soon as we were told Rocco up at GDB I knew what his future career was. He was going to be a famous mobster. :)

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