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Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5: Freya is Working

Some pictures of Freya and her awesomeness for today.

"Right guys. We're getting one of everything right?"
"Oh those look like fun!"

"Oh but so do these tennis balls."
Confession time; Freya had a tiny, little thing for balls when she was a PIT
"Hey this is fun! What do you call this game?"

I absolutely love that if you look closely you'll notice that her eye is huge.

"They should have doggie rows. I don't have any leg room."

"Please don't make me do it, it's so cramped." Note: Freya does actually enjoy going on planes I just love how this picture looks like she doesn't really want to go on it.

And who can blame her? Look at how little doggie room they have for her. Oh, and I suppose Mr.L was deprived of some leg room as well.

"Fine. If I am to be deprived of leg room then I'll just curl up and look forlorn about it. Perhaps the attendants will give me a pillow."

These steps looks so high for Freya's short little legs.

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