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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9: Letter from Arwen

Hey Bloggers,

I haven't written much as of late because things have been relatively quiet. The boy Rocco was a lot quicker to learn that I was the head four-legged in the house than Miss Freya was so I have had very little need to complain. But I would like to tell you of the injustice that has recently been brought upon my life.

First off, my girl has gone away for school. This has never happened before. I mean, sure, she would go away during the day for school but sure enough everyday she would come home and give me a big hug. It's been almost 2 months now and she hasn't come home from school. What is this? A conspiracy towards all dogs to be taken away from their people? I just don't understand it. My boy went away too for a while, but at least I had my girl. Now I don't have either one of them and I'm stuck with the old people. Don't they realize that I'm not a senior just yet? I'm a young 8-year-old for goodness sake! Dad tells me that my girl is away at "COL-LEGE". I've hear about this "COL-LEGE." It's suppose to be a lot of fun. I like to have fun! Why didn't she take me? I'm the life of the party at any social gathering. What's worse is that the boy is gone too which means she must have taken him.

Now if that weren't fair enough the old people have brought a new puppy into the house. It's this itty, bitty, furry thing that they call "Rosie." That little pipsqueak shouldn't even qualify as a dog. And she barks at birds. Probably because they could fly her away to their nests if they had any interest in her. But I'm sure they realize that then they would be stuck with the barking. And you know what the worst part of this is? I don't even get a break from this one. Sure I was jealous some time when Dad and Erin would take Freya and Rocco places that I couldn't, but at least I got a break from the fur ball of energy. And, at the end of the day, I was the one sleeping on the bed and they were the one sleeping on the floor. So I knew who was most important in the household. But I'm with this one all day and all night and my girl is probably off at COL-LEGE with Rocco and now he's getting to sleep on her bed.

They say I'm a grumpy old woman now. Is there any wonder as to WHY?

Golden Kisses,

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