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Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21: Dog Distraction

I saw this cutie patootie outside the food store the other day when I came out with my groceries. He looked at me as if he really wanted to play with me. It might have been because he could hear my dog tags jingling on my bag and he thought that I had a dog he could play with. But I like to think that he knew I was a dog person and that I loved him on first sight. I just wanted to sit down and give him a cuddle and play with him. Then I remembered that I had groceries and that the owner of this dog might think it a little weird if they came out of the store and I was sitting on the wet ground cuddling their dog. What can I say? I'm dog distracted. I should have someone walk beside me with a bag of small biscuits and make me give them eye contact every time a dog crosses my path.


  1. Erin, maybe we should have you altered just like Freya. That plus treats should work :-)

  2. No! I want children. No altering for Erin. Treats would definitely work though.


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