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Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18: Royalty News

I'm glad to see that I started a tradition in my puppy group that whenever a puppy leaves or is CC'd (I would have made some for Tomales and Colorado if I had been there) we have cookies. I generally make too much. But at least I have fun doing it. Mary sent me this picture of Royalty's cookies that she made for Tuesday for her last meeting.

Very pretty. :) Perhaps I won't make as many the next time I'm able to make cookies. Though I think the next puppies we have leaving will also leave while I'm here in Scotland. So, oh well. :) Anyway, Royalty unfortunately didn't get to enjoy her cookies. Why you ask? Because she went back into season again on Tuesday. That girl has been in season 3 times since being in the group from 4 months old on. I hope this means that she's meant to procreate. Mary said that it might put a snag in the cogs of our plans for me to start a Royalty puppy over the summer. But I don't think so. Not with the way that she keeps going into Season. :)

Anyway, Good Luck Royalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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