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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30: Exciting News!

WINSTON'S IN CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's right! He's due to graduate on December 11 which means that I get to go! YAY! This makes me very, very excited!

Now, for that little announcement I was going to make today. About a week before I flew over "across the pond" I figured out what I wanted to do later on in life after University. Now, before I tell you what it is that I really want to do when I grow up let me tell you that, no, it's not being a Guide Dog trainer up at GDB. That was something I was throwing around for a while. I would get to work with the dogs and the people and that would make me very, very happy. But then, I wouldn't get to raise the puppies anymore. That was the one kink I could think of, but it was a big one. Then, Freya's partner said to me, "Why don't you become a Mobility Instructor?" I was about to come back with a "Well, obviously because..." but I couldn't think of one. I honestly could not think of one single thing that I wouldn't love about the job. There's wonderful job stability because there really aren't a lot of them out there and I could most likely still raise puppies and I would get to work with the blind community. After thinking about it for a while and not finding anything I didn't like about the job description and growing to like the idea more and more I finally said, "I don't know." So, that's what I'm aspiring to be. A Orientation and Mobility Instructor and a Blind Rehabilitation Specialist.


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