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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camping: Part 1

So camping was a blast! Rocco did just wonderfully. A lot better than Arwen I'll say that. Arwen was a little nervous the first night in the tent, but last night she got a little more comfortable. Well, she actually slept last night. Rocco though did great! The first night he went to lay down on his blanket and was out like a light until morning. He even slept through Arwen being so neurotic and Golden Retriever like. He relieved well and that's something we've been working on. He doesn't like to relieve anywhere but the backyard which has its good sides and its bad. But Rocco went every time I asked him to and his poop schedule stayed the same. I was so proud of him!

Both Arwen and Rocco got to play in the river and run around. Rocco just loved the freedom! I even got to walk on a flexi leash this weekend.

See, I made this sort of a mini vacation for him. We didn't do much Guide Work Training (well, what we puppy raisers are allowed to do) and we didn't do a whole lot of obedience either. He was on a flexi leash for walks and he was allowed to get excited when people walked up to him and gave him love. One particular park ranger came over many times to give love to both Rocco and Arwen. She even recognized Rocco for the bad puppy that he is. Haha, I'm only joking, but she really did love the dogs. Anyway, he got to relax this weekend which is what I wanted. Why? Because he's going to be neutered tomorrow and I feel bad for him so I let him have fun.

Right now both Rocco and Arwen are drying from their baths. They passed the line from dirty to filthy yesterday afternoon so I was glad to get them home and bathed. Heck, I was glad to be bathed as well. :)

I'm organizing the pictures right now so when they're all ready and what not I'll post them.

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