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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Scrapbook

For those of you who don't know I've made a tradition of doing a scrapbook for my puppies. It, of course, started with Freya and I decided that it would be great to do one of these for all of my puppies. So today I went out to Michael's to look at scrapbook supplies and ended up going home with a scrapbook kit.

Last time I did it all by myself. I bought the scrapbook, the paper, the stickers, the boarders, and all the other stuff required to make a scrapbook. This time I thought I would try a conveniently put together kit. I'm not lazy by nature, just stingy. :) And I believe that the kit cost about $10 less than all the stuff individually and I got a lot more. And everything matches. Freya's scrapbook doesn't necessarily match, but that's what I like about it. It's wild and crazy just like her. But I am looking forward to having a matching scrapbook this time.

I can't wait to get started! I'm even thinking about adding another page or two to Freya's because I have all the pictures and stories from Mr. L and I think it would be a great page to show off at college.

Yes, these are coming with me even if I have to sacrifice a few articles of clothing.

I think I might take a different approach with Rocco's than I did with Freya. I did events and what not with Freya, but I might also do age with Rocco. It helps that I learned to take lots of pictures after I realized that I didn't take enough of Freya. :)


  1. Ah yes I started doing scrapbooks for my puppies...and out of four puppies, I've only completed 1. :)) I am doing a small one for Pompei's partner and bigger one for me Its a lot of work and I'm hoping to get it finished..but I'm even "lazier" than you are and do mine on my computer. Its so much easier. :))

  2. Ha ha Erin and Co! I have the same issue! 18 puppies, 17 scrapbooks started (Dagan's has not started). After spending TONS of $$$ on Taft, Bueller and Beamers (my only 3 to actually be finished), I handed them off to their partners, leaving me with no scrapbook for myself! Now, I do online scrapbooks (plus the blog), then order 2 - one for me and 1 for their partners!

  3. I do an online thing too on Shutterfly, but I love the arts and crafts stuff so I do the big 12X12 book with pictures and writing and the whole shabangbang too for myself. The shutterfly book goes to the partner.

  4. Hmm good idea bout shutterfly I didn't think about that!


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