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Friday, August 20, 2010

In the Woods

Hey guys! Rocco and I will be away from the computer until Sunday evening. We're going camping with my mom. Now, say whatever you will, but I believe that the forests in California are some of the prettiest natural sceneries on the face of this earth. They're gorgeous and I'm totally excited to be going, because I haven't been up there in just too long. I never really got the chance to go camping with Freya. We went when she was 6 months old up to the snow for a weekend which turned out to be 5 nights because we got snowed in and I ended up having to feed her a different kind of puppy food that the owners of the cabin had brought with them for their puppy. But I never went camping. Last summer when I still had Freya I was more focused on working on her problem areas. Since Rocco doesn't have nearly as many issues as Freya (sorry darling girl, but you were crazy) I think he'll do swimmingly. He doesn't really pull on a flat leash so that'll be fun and there's a little river flowing through where we are going to be so he'll get to run and play in that. Arwen gets to come too. I'm sure both of them are going to enjoy being up in the mountains for a few nights. There will be pictures when I get back!

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