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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Bye

At tonight's meeting I not only have to say good buy to Winston, but I also have to say goodbye to Rocco. No, it's not time to transfer yet, but since I was going to have Rockford this weekend I made plans for Rocco to go to a puppy sitters. Then Rockford went up to Guide Dogs for testing, but Rocco is still going to the sitters. But never fear! I shall not be puppy-less. Royalty's raisers also happen to be going out of town this weekend and there wasn't anyone to watch her until I became free! YAY! I have a black female in the house again! I absolutely LOVE Royalty. She's so sweet and so...just wonderful. I get her until Tuesday morning! There will definitely be pictures and stories throughout the week.

You know what also really cool about having Royalty? She's another Atrus puppy so she's Rocco's half-sister. Pretty cool. I had her once before for about a week when I was in between puppies. She's a doll.

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  1. You had me scared for a moment- I thought you meant Rocco was going back! I can't wait to hear more about your Royalty puppy sit. Royalty is such a great name!


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