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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Day Part 3: Amici and Rocco's Playdate

After Follow a Trainer on Friday I went back to GDB to pick up both Rocco and Amici. Rocco boarded in the Puppy Raising Department for the two hours I was at the park, but Amici had been in the kennels for about a week. His raiser was unable to attend Fun Day this year and Candie was going to pick him on Saturday when we arrived at Fun Day, but I asked if I could pick him up early so Rocco would have someone to play with. Boy, did they play! They played hard and rough, but stopped when I thought it was getting a little too rough. They were so good together that I hope they can have another play date soon because they absolutely loved the 3 days and 2 nights they got to spend together.

They played for so long.
I think that this is a cute picture.
They would switch who would was dominant.
I think that Rocco liked having someone his size and his age to play with for a change.
They were really bad sharers. They would steal the toys that the other was chewing on and run around the room.
They played with that felt toy for the longest toy. It ripped in so many placed because they just kept pulling and pulling.
See? Bad sharers.
Amici is about to take the bone Rocco is chewing on.
Rocco was on time out for a while because he decided not to pee at GDB before we left so as soon as we got to the room I put down my stuff and let Amici loose because he went and I turn around with Rocco's leash and a poop bag and he's peeing on the carpet. He was on a tie down until we left to meet Candie, Emily, Mary, and Brenna at GDB later that day to look at the golden puppies.
Amici used his weight to his advantage. Rocco's still a little skinny from when he was a baby and got very sick.

Then it was time for a cool down.
Look at how tired Rocco is.
Amici found a nice spot by the air conditioner.
He stayed there for the longest time.
Then he moved over just a little bit.
Rocco laid down there forever.

Amici finally moved back near Rocco and they slept near each other. So cute!

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