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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Poll for You

Hey Blogging friends! It's Rocco here this time. Momma let me write this blog because it was my idea. This Thursday at our weekly meeting I'm...oh wait. I'm not sure if you read this blog Katlynn, but if you do, don't read this post. Ok?

Is she gone? Good.

This Thursday's meeting is Winston and Katlynn's last meeting. Winston is going off to formal training and Katlynn is married and moving away. I'm not too sure she's going to continue to come to meetings after Winston is gone so Momma and I want to do something special for them. So, we're making a "cookie cake". Momma says that means layering four to five different cookies in a cake pan so that there is a cookie for ever sweet tooth. We have a few questions for you.

1. Should we make 2 Cookie Cakes? One for Winston and one for Katlynn. Yes or No?

2. If we make two "cakes" should we use different cookies for each "cake"?

3. Now, Momma make some unusual cookies. We've already decided not to use any of her nut cookies just in case. And I've decided that two cookies we're definitely using are Chocolate Chip and Red Velvet Cookies. But I really don't know what other cookies to use. Please rate the cookies listed from 1-5 with 1 being the most tasty and desirable.
Lemon Cookies
Banana Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Mint Cookies
Carrot Cake Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin or Blueberry Cookies
4. Last Question: Should we do bar cookies as well? Like Highlander bar cookies, Lemon Squares,or 7-layer bars?
Thanks for your help!


  1. Rocco!! You bloggin' wit me! Mom can't give her opinion (which is WAY rare for her! She tells me her opinion on everything usually!) She says she's confused. Do you layer different types of cookies on top of each other, then cut it like a cake? Or just take the cookie you want??

    She also wants your red velvet cookie recipe!! That sounds yummy (as if we would ever find out!) She says she'll trade ya an awesome Snickerdoodle bar recipe or a fabulous s'mores cookie bar recipe...


  2. It's more like the second one. They are just cookies stacked on top of one another and then everyone takes their favourite cookie. Momma says she hates when people can't (or won't) eat one of her cookies because she didn't make their favourite. So she makes a dozen or so of each cookie so everyone gets one. She just calls it a cookie cake because they are stacked inside a cake pan and the layers are perfectly symmetrical.

    Momma says she would love the snickerdoodle bar recipe! She loves anything with cinnamon and sugar. :) And she'll definitely give your mom the red velvet cookie recipe. She just needs a email address so she can type it up and send it (her regular computer with all of her recipes already typed up and filed in their own special folder is in the shop).

    Licks and Love,

  3. Colorado & Lance say that mom and Brenna would loooove Chocolate Mint Cookies, Lemon Squares and Red Velvet cookies. Boy, our mom and Brenna sure each have huuuuuge sweet tooths.
    We're so excited to see our labby bro Rocco tomorrow night.


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