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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Day Part 4: Littermates Galore

This is my littermate post. I went to three littermate meetings since I had Rocco and Kendrick and his raiser and Amici's raiser couldn't come. I took pictures for them. But first Rocco.

None of Rocco's littermates came for the reunion, but Atrus and his breeder custodian came! Last puppy I got to meet the Mama and now I get to meet the Papa. That's wonderful! I hope I'm just as lucky with all my puppies.

There's Rocco and his Daddy Atrus.

I love Atrus' nice, square head.

I see a lot of Rocco in Atrus. Or, I suppose, I see a lot of Atrus in Rocco.
Now isn't that sweet.
Both Atrus and Rocco do this wiggle thing where they will bury their heads into your stomach and wiggle and wiggle. Atrus is also a pretty big licker. :P It was great to see him, but being the scatter brain that I am I forgot to get his breeder keeper's email address. Thankfully Candie has a friend in the breeding department and she might be able to give me his contact info. The same friend told me that Rocco looks and acts a lot like Atrus, but he definitely got his colouring from Peach.
Now it's time for Amici. Only one sister came for him. Her name is Atlanta.
Amici and sister Atlanta. They both have really big ears.

You can tell here that they have the same face shape even if Amici has a bigger head.
Aww...sister/brother love.
This littermate meeting totally reminded me of mine last year. Atlanta was hyper and Amici was mellow where Freya was hyper and Freeway was mellow last year.
She has to make sure that's her brother.

She's so pretty.
She's also a silly girl. Of course I loved her because she's a black lab female.

Now on to Kendrick. Two brothers came for Kendrick even though he wasn't able to come. One of those brothers is Kyle. Kyle came with Meghan since Picassa couldn't come. Kendrick was definitely bigger than both Kyle and their brother Kearny.
Kearny(L) and Kyle(R)
Kearny(L) and Kyle(R)
Kearny's darker than both Kyle and Kendrick, but Kyle is still a little darker than Kaendrick.

I definitely see Kendrick in Kyle. They have the same facial expressions.
And they have the same big head with too much skin.
Kyle had the sweetest face and was so good.

This is Kearny who is a little more wild than Kyle and Kendrick.
He's lankier, but those are definitely Kendrick eyes.
Those are my littermate pictures. I really with that some of Rocco's littermates had come, but it was so nice to see Atrus. I have one more Fun Day post after this. The next one will be about our trip into San Fransisco on the ferry where you will meet a few special guests.


  1. Thank you for posting pictures of my boy! It's fun to see Kyle and hear him compared to his littermates! :)

  2. I am raising Arden, littermate to Amici and Atlanta...he also has those giant floppy ears. Their dad Cabby was also raised in our club and is a very sweet, long eared,leggy black lab

  3. That's great! Amici is one of the sweetest, most mellow dogs you will ever meet. I'm glad to hear the whole litter has those giant ears. That's one of my favourite things about Amici.

    No problem Amanda. I love getting to meet him. He's such a good boy and he reminds me a lot of Kendrick, except Kendrick is a Moose! I'll get some measurements tomorrow when I see him.


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