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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surprise Visit

Rocco did very well yesterday! He is still a little shy with clapping, but he's so much better than he used to be. We went to see Guys and Dolls yesterday. It's an interesting show, but I've always thought it ran too long. Even when I was in it I felt like the first act should be half the time it actually is. One of my really good friends since 3rd grade was the stage manager. That's how I knew about it and really why I went to see it. She's probably already at the airport getting ready to head off to school. So, Good Luck Sarah!

Then we went straight from the play to a dinner and movie date with a whole bunch of my friends. He didn't get his dinner until 10pm last night, but did fabulously through the whole thing. He really enjoyed seeing his friends at the movies last night. Especially Taylor who always jumps at the chance to pet him.

Then guess what happened! Rockford came over. I got a call before going off to the play from Mary asking if I could take Rockford for a day or two and switch Rocco. You see, Rockford came down with hives last weeks so he has to go up to Guide Dogs on Monday for observation. The reason I have him is that they're afraid he might be allergic to something in his raiser's home. So, Monday I'm driving up with her and the two boys.

I do thoroughly enjoy Rockford. He's the kind of dog I love. He's too energetic, stubborn, and has some interesting issues. But that's what I like. :) He and I went on a two mile walk this morning and he only tried to balk for the first 5 minutes! After that he had fun! Everyone in my puppy group knows what a wonderful accomplishment that is for him. He's so handsome too...even if he does have puppy pimples.

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