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Friday, August 13, 2010

Black Lab Females

I've noticed that Freya and Royalty have some similar characteristics. I wonder if there is something to being black lab females.

1) She follows me into the bathroom all the time.
2) When I'm sitting on the floor with her and she wants to play with me she'll pick up a toy and start to circle me and every time she passes the front of me she tries to put the toy in my mouth.

She's such a good girl. The one difference with Royalty is that I don't have to use a head collar. She's so good and doesn't pull or get distracted or anything. It's really been a break on my arm.


  1. I'm sure it is!

    Thanks for your suggestion about Pompei, so far he doesn't find beds or soft things "fun" to chew, as some of my other pups have. :) So right now its the best option too keep the bottom of his crate, and floor beneath in tact!

    ...Of course more exercise is the absolute best thing for him at the moment, and we've upped the ante on that as well.

  2. Ha ha! Cabana likes to follow me into the bathroom, too--but she's never tried to put a toy in my mouth!! That's quite funny!


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