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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Day Final Post: San Fransisco Trip

After Fun Day my puppy club generally takes the ferry into San Fransisco and then we spend the day there with our puppies. I didn't get to do it last year because Freya would have been the only puppy old enough to ride the ferry. It wasn't like we needed to make sure she was fine with the ferry or the crowds of the San Fransisco because that dog was fearless. But I was really glad that I got to go this year because I love San Fransisco and I love spending time with Rocco and the other puppies. All the puppies did really well! We went with the other Fresno Group, Cassie and Dagan (along with little Lulu), and a few people from the Bakersfield group. I took this opportunity to take a lot of pictures of Rocco on the ferry.

There's my boy acting all confident!
I think if his head didn't blend into the sky this would be one of my favourite pictures.
Oh, it's serious look time.

He's such a handsome boy.
This one though, I think takes the cake for favourite of the day.
There's Amici on the ferry. He crashed as soon as he was able to lie down.
Oh he's a cute boy.
This is my favourite of Amici for the day.
Miss Royalty on the ferry.
She did pretty well, but her raiser did walk her around a little because she wouldn't settle. I don't think she was nervous, but I'm not sure if she was all that comfortable. That's ok, I get sea sick too.
I met up with Fanta again. Do you guys remember Fanta?

She's such a sweet girl and so alert.
We also met up with Medford and Ashley.
There's Hilton of the other group. I found out that Hilton is related to Rockford and Royalty. He's a Samuel and Indiana puppy.
This was taken on the way back. Don't all the puppies look tired?This is Brenna, Rocco, and me after we got off the ferry in SF.
Here's a group photo.
Left to Right: Dagan, Hobbs, Rocco, Fanta, Heloise, Preston, Pescara, Medford, Tulani, Hilton, Raymond, and Amici
Not Pictured: Royalty and Lulu
But here's Lulu!
She's a cutie and apparently a piston! Which means I like her!
But she's REALLY small. None of us thought she was old enough to be on the ferry ride. But she's actually 18 weeks old.

After we all got off the ferry and took a group picture we all got on the bus and headed to Pier 39. There the two groups split up. I went with Mary and Brenna to see...HARVARD! We got to see Harvard again. Harvard was Mary and Brenna's puppy before Colorado and he partner and his wife and her guide live really near SF.
Spirit and D. coming off the ferry.
We also met up with Arthur and L. who live close to Harvard and his family.
And there's Harvard pulling his partner down the ramp.

There's the boy! He's so happy and he's actually walking faster than a amble.
He's always been so handsome.
Brenna hugging D. after he got off.
All three of the working dogs. Arthur, Harvard, and Spirit.
I sort of stayed in the background and took pictures.After we all said our "hellos" we went to go see the Sea Lions. There were so many of them! Rocco was a little distracted by it.
There we all are watching the Sea Lions.
After that I didn't take too many pictures. I let L. and Arthur hold on to my arm as we went through the heavy crowds. She and I hung back from the other 4 (or 6 I should say) as they talked and caught up. Rocco did great with the slower pace. And he also had to walk on the right so he wouldn't disturb Arthur too much.
She and I got to talk a lot and I found out that Arthur was her fourth Guide and that he was having a bit of digestive issues just like Rocco. We went all over, but we mostly hit the candy stores. I got fudge (which is now gone) and some Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate with Raspberry. Then it was time to say good bye and head back to the ferry. San Fransisco was a lot of fun and I figure next time I go I'll take a blind friend because the crowds seem to part like the Red Sea for Moses when they see a Guide Team walking by. Now I have another year to wait until the next Fun Day.


  1. That looks like fun! I love taking the ferry into the city. I can't believe how small Lulu is- I thought she was really young too!

    That's so cool how Mary and Brenna got to reunite with the puppy they raised. Harvard is so handsome, and he has an awesome name.

    Great photos!

  2. It looks like you had quite the weekend. You know, I haven't heard anything about the follow a trainer, so I think I going to have to attend that next year. Do you have to sign up to attend?

    It was nice getting to meet you (kinda) for a second. Little Lance is so sweet looking and if he is anything like Tenaya he will be the sweetest little happy grunter.


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