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Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Meeting...

Without Winston (aka Mr. Wiggles or Sir Wigglesalot). I didn't show it, but I was sad. When Mary asked who was missing my first thought was, "Where's Winston!?" Then of course I remembered where he was and why he wasn't going to be at this meeting or the next. And then I was sad. I got a little sad when Crenshaw and Zack and Harvard left, but nothing like this. I am legit upset people! Why? Because I think I always thought that when Winston left it would mean the end of an "era" if you will. When Winston left, I would have to leave and now Katlynn's leaving and probably won't be there when I get back for Winter Holiday. This is why I am sad. It's not because he's gone per say, I'm excited for him and happy for Katlynn, but both of us are kind of done with GDB (at least for now). That's why I am sad. Because I realize now that I am done...


  1. Erin, I don't think your done. After mid-Sept you'll just be taking a break. I should say, "After Mid September you'd better just be taking a break" even if it's for a year or more you know you're always a part of us! Remember I took a 21 year break before starting again. I really appreciate all you do for our club, I'm really going to miss you a ton...

  2. You see, I was crying when I was writing the darn post and here it is quite a bit later and I'm crying again. But, I think I'm definitely just breaking, but you know I just feel done right now because Rocco's transfer date was solidified.

  3. I know, I knew it would be hard once we knew for sure where he was going and the date... We're both very blessed that he's going to Judy's club, he'll be close, very loved and we'll get to see him :-)


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