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Friday, August 13, 2010

Winston's Last Meeting

I picked Royalty up at River Park yesterday afternoon before the meeting. That meant that I had two puppies in training and a neurotic Golden Retriever in the house yesterday for a few hours.

When I walked in the house with Rocco and Royalty, Arwen took one look at Royalty and then gave me this horrified look that clearly said, "She's back!?" Freya wasn't Arwen's favourite dog and I don't blame her much. She just played a little too hard for Arwen's liking. Then when Arwen realized that the black dog I had brought to the house was in fact not Freya, she warmed up to Royalty quite quickly. I got this great picture of all three dogs.

The colours of the rainbow right?

I was also able to get a few pictures of Rocco and Royalty playing with each other. Rocco isn't the best sharer of his toys. Whenever another dog comes over and starts to play with his toys he grabs the toy out of his mouth and puts it aside. Then when they go off and get another toy he grabs that one too.

Both of them were going for the same toy. It's the femur bone and it's Royalty's favourite at my house.

Then it was time for the meeting. So I loaded up the car with Rocco's wire crate, his food, instructions/schedules, two dogs, and two trays of cookies. Who says mini coopers can't hold a lot of stuff in them? We were there about 20 minutes early so we just sat on a bench waiting for people. Rocco and Royalty were amazing. They just laid there until the both heard the jingling of Colorado and Lance coming in.

A picture of Lance and Royalty. They're so cute and Royalty was so sweet to little Lance. I hope she becomes a breeder.

Then everyone else arrived. Katlynn came with Winston and he was just as wiggly as ever. We all walked around the mall and watched Lance be his goofy golden self. He goes everywhere and is really happy. Everyone really enjoys him. I talked to Katlynn about Winston's recall and Livi about Rockford up at Guide Dogs. It was all over a good meeting. Jen even brought their little boy from the Ukraine who is on like a field trip. He was so sweet. Then it was time for cookies. I brought them out of my car and we all chowed down.

Katlynn and Winston with their cookies.Winston did such a great job with those cookies in front of him. He's totally ready.

Katlynn took the first cookie.

Winston really wants that cookie.

Another picture of Katlynn and Winston in front of the cookies.

Just in case you can't read the cookies Winston's are Red Velvet cookies that say "Good Luck Winston" and Katylnn's are Lemon cookies that say, "Congratulations Katlynn" Actually I made like 6 different kind of cookies.

Pictures of Katlynn and Winston.

What a good boy Winston is.

Some pictures of the party.

Little Lance.

He's so cute.

Last night at the party some one made the comment that I looked complete with a black lab female. Funny enough I feel complete. So I think no more males for me unless absolutely necessary. I don't think I feel complete because of the black lab thing, but because I have a female again. So, yes, I think Rocco will be my only male unless GDB really needs me to take a male.

When it was time to go I did have to say good bye to Rocco which was hard,but I told myself that it was good for him. The whole meeting as he was being walked by Hannah he kept looking at me. So, it's good that he's gone for a few days because he's going to have to learn to be away from me.

Well, Good Bye Sweet Boy Winston! Make us all proud!


  1. Good luck Winston! Looks like he had a good send-off. Keep us posted on his progress. I know what you mean about feeling complete...though for me it is a black lab male! Have fun with Royalty whiel you have her. If you have time, would you mind letting me know what happens with Rockford? I would be interested since Rafferty is his littermate...

  2. I will definitely keep you posted on Rockford. Rafferty hasn't ever come down with hives has he?

  3. I agree about feeling complete with a specific color/sex/breed of dog at your side! For me it's a male yellow lab. Seems to be the first puppy we raise leaves a preference for most of us! Although I love my golden girls and silly labradoodle, I much prefer my yellow boys for puppy raising!


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