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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Off House Arrest

So Rocco is officially off house arrest today. To celebrate this we are going to take his normal 2 mile walk which he has not gotten to do in days. Because of this it's been a little harder to keep him busy while having to stay put in the house except for short, easy outings. But no more! The boy shall be walked today! I think he's pretty excited about only getting out of the house for an hour or two. This boy really loves going places so I'm really glad that he gets to work now. I think it was killing him only to go to maybe one place a day. He's used to 3 to 6 long outings. I am very happy about this, because it'll make him happy.

On the side note of the surgery, he's healing really quickly. No whining or anything. You can tell he's a little hyper because of not getting to move for days, but he's also very willing to sleep. But he's acting like himself and is really just being a good boy. No popped stitches and no infections! WOOT!

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