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Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Day Part Two: Fun Day

Rocco, Amici, and I had to wake up early again in time for Fun Day. We had to leave the hotel about 7:45 so we did have to eat breakfast and all that around 6:00am. Thankfully both dogs did their business quickly. Amici doesn't really circle well when he has to poop and Rocco doesn't like going places that aren't his home. But they both went quickly and were very cooperative about it. Then I had them wait for their food.
I thought this was a great picture. Rocco is a little better than Amici at waiting for his food. I had to remind Amici a couple of times that he had to wait until I said it was "ok."
After all the dogs had been relieved and had had their breakfast we loaded up and headed to Fun Day. Brenna, Emily, Amici, Rocco, and myself managed to cram into my little Mini Cooper and Candie, Mary, Don, Judy, Colorado, and Redding all went in the van. What was our first stop? Starbucks of course! I didn't get anything because I had had coffee for the past few days and my acid reflex doesn't like it when I do that. But soon we were on our way and made it to the mall parking lot and took the shuttle over to the campus.
I got my little Fun Day Book and was so happy! I use my old one all the time to try and figure out which puppies in formal training are related to my puppies and to puppies in my group. I really am insane, but I like watching them because I fell I can get a better sense on how they're going to do when they go back. Then we headed over to the vendor booths and got our puppy pedigrees. I tried to get Freya's even though she's not a puppy in the program, but they were serious when they said that they would only do current puppies in training. The screen locked when we tried to get Freya's.
Then I headed over to my littermate meeting, but no other puppies came. :( Atrus did show up though! But, those pictures are for a different post.
I tried to do that recall race with Rocco, but he didn't do so well. The first time he went about half way through the door and then ran back to me. Personally I think that should have qualified him for a prize because he knew that he had to pay attention to me. Anyway, the second time we raced against Royalty and she smoked poor Rocco. But Rocco actually went that time so I count it as a success.
I was surprised when Olivia and Rockford showed up! After we went to the wrong littermate meeting for her (her's had apparently ended and they put 3 "R" litters in meeting spot #3 so we got a little confused, but that's ok because Rockford was in the puppy rest area because he came down with hives. Very weird, but I thought they were so cool!) we went again to the vendor booths and I bought one of those T-shirts that say "Born to Lead" from Cassie (Dagan) and Mimi (Cabana) and Olivia got one of those shirts that say "Ask Me About My Puppy." Katlynn and I got one last year so I want to come up with a day where we all take a yellow males out for a walk while wearing our matching, purple T-shirts. :)
Basically after that it was lunch, relaxing, and then puppy presentation. Though in that time I did get my leash engraved with my two puppies' names and I also did the "Juno Walk." That was a lot of fun! So, pictures for you.

Rocco and I pose in front of the fountain in our cowfolk gear.

This is a picture of Peach from the Breeding Booth.

I bought this toy from the Vending Booth.

Rocco really loves it!
Rocco and Colorado in their cowboy gear.

Rocco doesn't look happy at all.

Rocco and Amici take a break.

They're just so cute.
They were so tired after their long day. Well, Amici is always tired. :)
Mick complained that no one ever took pictures of him, so there you go.
The all mighty, knowing, and powerful Jim giving a food protocol presentation. They've changed it up just a bit. No we have to stop when feeding the puppies. I'm not liking it much so far, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Mary and Brenna waiting on the side for their new little guy.

Everyone was getting anxious because they did the silent auction and doorprize winners first.

They're Candie up on Stage with Lance.

I couldn't really see so I motioned with my hands "big one" or "little one" and she made it look like she was lifting weights. So I knew they had the biggest male.

A group Picture of all of us after we got Lance.

(Olivia & Rockford, Nancy Bob & Royalty, Brenna & Lance, Mary & Colorado, Emily (standing in for Lara) & Amici, and Me & Rocco)


  1. Amici!! I love that dog :) Rocco and Colorado are so festive in all their cowboy gear. Lance is such a great name, and he is so handsome (and fluffy!)

    Looks like you had a great Fun Day!

    I missed Jim's presentation- how are they changing the food protocol?

  2. Most of this presentation was how your puppy was suppose to take the food. They did a video thing on how they were really changing it. Though they did say that we should stop when feeding them now.

  3. I love how your club has matching shirts and bandanas. It was fun to get to meet you! And I'm relieved that the puppy's name is Lance--and NOT Laughter!

  4. :D I think Laughter is cute, but only for alittle girl. ;) Though, Lance was my first choice.


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