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Friday, August 27, 2010


Do you guys remember a while ago to my first name game. That's when we were getting a labradoodle puppy right around this time. Well, my parents decided to wait for a smaller puppy and I went to go see her today. As the post suggests her name is Rosie. I couldn't talk them out of the name into a more unique name. It's cute and all, but I probably wouldn't have named her that. So, I'm calling her PrimRose. I think that sounds unique and pretty. And she's so prim and proper.

She is such a mellow puppy! She fell asleep in my hands and just allowed me to hold her. I mean she was sooooo mellow. This is a good thing because my step mom is probably going to hold her in her lap all day while she works. :)

She's also really tiny. She's so small compared to her bothers. I don't know if you can tell in these pictures but she really is TINY!

Oh and here's a picture of her Mama, Brandy.

I got so excited today. While I was out shopping for some kitchen supplies for college I came across the dog aisle in the store. So, I bought two toy's for PrimRose. One is the stuffed giraffe that doesn't squeak, but it honks. What's really funny about it is that it is bigger than she is. :) Another is this cool rope toy that looks like an octopus. I love octopi! So I had to get it! :) It is also bigger than she is. It's been so long since I've been able to buy toys for a puppy without checking to see if it was approved first. Rosie comes home on the 12th of September.


  1. She is so cute and tiny! How old is she?

  2. She is tiny! She's the smallest in the litter. She would be about 5 weeks old now.


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