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Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping: Part 2 (Pictures)

OK! Pictures are here! They aren't in any real order, but there are a lot of them. Just bear with me. :) First some pictures of the campsite.
This was our itty bity, two person tent. Yes, we fit two people and two dogs in this little tent.
A really pretty view of the river we were camped by.
Another pretty picture. You can't really tell but right before we got there there was a lightening fire and since there was a controlled burn due anyway they decided to monitor the burn, but still let it burn. My asthma went crazy.
And now I believe it is time for some pictures of Arwen. Arwen was a little crazy the first night. She didn't really like sleeping in the tent. She wasn't used to having people walk through her bedroom in the middle of the night. She calmed down quite a bit, but then my mom left to yell at some teenagers who were talking at the top of their lungs by our campsite. My mom can be...annoyed when her sleep is disturbed. So after she got up Arwen was up and wouldn't settle. But the second night Arwen did so well. She slept at my mom's feet and my head and just slept. We need to take her camping more often because I think she really enjoyed it.

Me and Arwen the second day. I don't look that bad even though I'm all dirty and oily. :)
I like this picture of me better. The last one was better of Arwen.

While she got used to the campsite she was on a tie down. She did not appreciate being treated like one of those puppies.

I think Arwen really enjoyed herself.
She's such a pretty girl.
Look! She's got on happy ears and everything. I was worried that she would be too nervous to have fun, but she loved every minute (minus the first night in the tent) of it.
I think Arwen is the most gorgeous Golden ever! But I'm a little bias.
OK, so this one wins for my favourite picture of Arwen...EVER. It's hilarious. Can you see her wonky face?

Arwen liked playing in the River.
Look how happy she is.
See? So happy. At one point she went over to the river and laid down in the water. It was so cute!
Here's Arwen on the way back. I decided that I couldn't have Rocco at my feet again because he kept popping up and down like a jack-in-the-box. So we smushed both dogs in the back.

I think Arwen is so cute.

And now some of Rocco and me and Arwen probably.

Why is Rocco always licking me?
This is my profile picture now on facebook.
I like this picture of us.
There are a lot of pictures like this.
Another one. It took a while to get a good one.
Rocco, Arwen, and me in front of a little stream we found.
Another one. I don't know why I have so many of the same picture.

My two babies.
I don't think Rocco is too happy about all these pictures.
Them in the river.
They really liked the river.I didn't let them go out too far because the current was pretty strong.

But they found a way to have fun.
I love this picture. Rocco still tries to get under Arwen.
My good puppies!
They really liked this camping thing.
I love how Rocco looks so dejected.

Rocco played with his Jollyball all weekend.
It's like we never left home.
I like this picture of his paw.

I let Rocco have a bit of freedom while camping. He loved being able to sniff everything.
He loved the river and loved being able to get in and out on his own.
The most interesting thing about the river. Not the fact that he got to swim but that he could drink this water too! I swear he was really excited about that.
Can you see how sandy and wet he is? Oh they were sooooo dirty when I got them home.
Does he look tired to anyone else?
I really like this picture of him. I think it's my favourite.
Or this one is my favourite. I can't decide.
My pretty boy in the small tent.
He's so cute!
OK, maybe this one is my favourite.
I just can't get over how handsome he is.

So cute!
I love how he gets his serious face on when the puppy jacket is on.

He really loved this water.
He loved the freedom of the flexi leash.
He was so far ahead the entire time.
I think that Rocco really enjoyed his vacation away from Guide Trianing. We still did a little work with dog distraction and obedience training, but not that much. I think camping is a wonderful thing for the guide dog puppies. It works so much with not picking up stuff off the ground. He did get a few things, but not much. Dirt in a dog's mouth is just a part of camping I suppose. But his poop looks great which is a great relief! Now he's off at the vet's office getting snipped. Poor boy. He also didn't throw up this morning which is also a great relief because he didn't have breakfast today! YAY!

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