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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Helping Bring a Puppy Home

Today I met my CFR, the all mighty and knowing Jim, at a gas station off the freeway so I could help deliver a puppy back to her raisers. This puppy's name is Fanta and she is a consideration for international breeding. She's a gorgeous, sweet, yellow lab. I really enjoyed the 30 minutes I had with her before I dropped her off. Jim said she was "busy", but after having Freya I wouldn't consider Fanta "busy" at all.

Here's Fanta being a good girl in the car. All she did was lay there and play with the goughnut I keep in the car.

She's such a happy, good girl.

I really, really liked her. In fact, I almost stopped by my house first and got Rocco to see if they wanted to trade.

You can sort of tell from this picture that she's small. She really was. I would have to say that she weighed the same if not less than Rocco.

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  1. I know Jim- he's my CFR, too. Fanta is a very pretty girl- she looks SO happy. That must've been a fun car ride!


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