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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Overly Dramatic Puppy

Next up, I'd like to tell you about the past two weeks with Rocco.

The past two weeks I have been working on my school play. My school is weird so the last two weeks of every semester is just pure electives. This is because we don't have electives during the regular school year. I'm always in the play, but this semester I epically messed up (I could say something different, but I don't know who is reading this. I'll leave the phase to your imagination) my singing audition. So instead I decided to be student director instead of being in the ensemble. Hey, I worked too hard these past four years to be a jungle animal or Who in the background. Does that give you a clue as to what musical we did? Need another one? Well, it goes great with green eggs and ham.

Yes, we put on a production of Seussical the Musical. And since my job was to help direct I pretty much sit around all day. That made it perfect for me to take Rocco. He was so good during the week at the school. He would just lie down on his blanket and sleep all day. He did the same at the theatre when we when got there. I was a little worried about him during the actual play, so I took him to dress rehearsal. He did fabulous. I was down stairs near the green rooms to tell actors and techies to get to their places in time. I had a little chair and a headset and Rocco had his blanket. He was more than happy during the shows to lie down and sleep. And guess what! He didn't get freaked out by the clapping!
Here's Mr. Rocco with my friend Meghan as a Leopard.
I really like this one of Maya and Rocco because they're both looking the same way. Once in a while I'll find a freshman that I really like. She's one of them.
There's Rocco with Emily as a Who. You might see that all of the people are wearing unitards. Yep, those were our costumes.
There he is waiting patiently for the show to be over on his blanket.

He slept very well even through the orchestra and singing and clapping.

He's such a good boy.

Here he is during intermission on my lap. This is when I would let the little 6-year-olds who were playing Who children pet him. He does well with four little kids petting him all at once. He was in heaven.

I think he was trying to help me here. We would play Rumy during intermission.

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