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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Name Game: T and U Names

Yesterday was pretty hectic so I totally forgot to post my name game. Though the comments on these have dwindled. Please, please, please keep adding names and voting. I really love to see what people come up with. And take a trip down to old Name Games and post comments there as well.

Today's Letters: "T" and "U"

Female Names: T
1. Tipper
2. Teagan
3. Tally
4. Tiffie

Male Names: T
1. Truman
2. Trever
3. Theo
4. Teddy

Female Names: U
1. Ursa
2. Ursula
3. Ulla
4. Umiko

Male Names: U
1. Ulysses
2. Utley (It's a family name)
3. Ubermensch (meaning superman in German. I think I might have misspelled it and I can't put umlauts with my computer.)
4. Ulrich


  1. Tipper, Truman, Umiko & Ulrich. Also, Tara, Tarzan, Taxi, Taz, Texas, Thai, Titan, Tofu, Tulip, Tycoon, Unagi & Utopia.

  2. I love Tofu! I'm a vegetarian. :) Those are great suggestions!

  3. Tally Trevor
    Ulla Ulysses

    Anything but Ursula! She's the scary one in the Little Mermaid!!


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